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Client Testimonials

Jerry was very accommodating in meeting me on Saturdays in his office to discuss my insurance needs. He explained all policies in a way that was easy for me to comprehend. His expertise made it easier for me to get the policies and coverage I needed for me and my family. The service you get from him and his staff is extremely professional and unparallel. When I go in with a question I come out with the answer. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about him and his level of service.

Jerry was extremely informative in getting me a cancer policy. Since then I have added flood insurance and life insurance through Jerry. He has done something I am sure no other agent would do... he actually serviced my other accounts and answered all questions regarding them even though he wasn’t my agent. I had car and home owners insurance with another agent, one I have had for over 20 years. Sometimes I would not get any cooperation with my other agent but I could go to Jerry and even though it wasn’t his account, he would always resolve my issues. How many people would do that? As a result, I have moved ALL my insurance to Jerry and I could not be happier.

Rich Sharp

Mr. Brunson, I was recently involved in a minor auto collision, and would like to commend you for your prompt, professional and friendly service in evaluating my auto damage and in assisting in getting quick repairs. Your drive-in claim center raises the efficiency level to the highest possible! And, your 24-hour, 7-day claim originating service goes beyond anything I had been associated with in the past. My accident happened on a week-end, but I registered my claim by phone within hours with your friendly, caring and concerned personnel.

I switched my homeowners and auto insurance 1 1/2 years ago from an agency I had all my insurance with for over 40 years. The reason - economics. Your rates were substaintially less. And, now I can attest that your service is, I believe, unequalled. I see the phoney TV ads all the time that says if you switch over to their product, you can save xxx dollars. Well, I can tell you I saved by switching TO you - both homeowners and auto.

Thank You!!
Bob Payne

Mr. Brunson, I have dealt with your assistant Judy Eckley since January '09 and I have been very pleased with what she has done so far. She has been helpful, clear and concise in providing me with answers for some tough questions. Her patience and knowledge has been exemplary and in my opinion one of the best agents I’ve dealt with. I hope this positive feedback is mutually beneficial to us all.

Joseph Elhajj

Outstanding Service & Savings!

Jennifer - Thanks so much for all of your help! I am most pleased that you were able to save me over $1000.00 per year on my combined Home Owners/Auto Insurance and increased some of my coverage’s to boot! I do hope that your rates stay reasonable for many years to come.

Being a former Prudential Multi-Lines Agent, I can truly say that you did a very thorough job in answering my questions and taking care of a lot of the little things that can make these transitions quite annoying at times. Mr. Brunson should be extremely grateful to have an employee that is extremely knowledgeable and willing to take the extra steps for the client as you did for me.

Thank you again for your assistance and I look forward to coming by the office sometime to meet you all.

Patrick T. Nesbit

Jerry, I don't know how far back your records go but I first took out auto coverage in the late 1950's when I lived in Columbia, SC. We've been with your agency for both auto and homeowner' since we moved to Huntsville in 1965. I get letters from other companies nearly every week trying to get me to change. But why should I since you have been good to us for all this time? Like you, I value long term relationships. And thanks for the card.

Zane Phillips

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative and impressed I was with Judy's efficiency, kindness, friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. She is a woman of her word and I am not used to people doing what they say they will within a matter of hours and I was pleasantly surprised! I will DEFINITELY recommend folks to you and always have them ask for Judy.

Satisfied customer-
Suzette Mikell

My wife Meredith recently got in an accident a couple of weeks before Christmas in the van. We needed to take the van home for Christmas vacation due to having two kids and gifts and other items to take with us. I was very excited to find out that I (with the help of Joe Hudson's Collision Center who happens to be one of your pro-shops) would be able to get my van fixed in two weeks following the accident. This impressed me because my father had jack-knifed a trailer and damaged his truck over Thanksgiving break (actually is was a week before Thanksgiving). Dad has insurance with a smaller insurance company, and he wasn't able to get his truck fixed until early January (nearly 2-months after the accident). I was also very grateful for the caring people that I spoke with in handling my claim. The drive-thru estimate was handled in less than 30-minutes, and things went as smoothly as possible. I must admit that an awful situation turned into something very manageable, and I'm truly grateful for your outstanding service. Thanks again for helping out my family in this capacity.

Daniel Wenzel

In Sept of 09 my roof was inspected for hail damage. I was not aware that I had any hail damage even though we had a severe storm in my neighborhood. Upon further inspection I had severe damage on my roof and in other places on my house. I received an estimate for the company that inspected my house and turned it in. Within a week an inspector came to my house and did a further inspection. He found things that the company that inspected my roof did not find. He was very courteous and professional. I received a partial payment to get the company started on my repairs. When the company was finished with the repairs I received a check for the balance of the estimate. Everyone was super nice including you Jerry. I appreciate everything that everyone did for us. We have been with the same company since 1965 and plan on staying with them for many more years. Thanks to everyone for going above and beyond what was expected or required.

Bill and JoAnn Ethridge

We first met Jerry by phone & email while relocating from El Paso. We had 20 days to find & close on a house, and Jerry was instrumental in helping us set up our insurance needs for closing, remotely. Afterwards, all of our insurance needs were moved over to Jerry. Jerry gives very personal service and ensures appropriate coverage!

Brian and Becky LaGrave

Recently I purchased another investment property and decided to call Jerry for an insurance quote… Jerry suggested that I let him quote all of my insurance as a package deal. I am glad I did, to my surprise he saved me $1711.54 per year on my Home, Auto and 6 Investment Properties combined. Thanks so Much!

Ron Marquez

As a 20 year client, I can honestly say Jerry Brunson has the most remarkable approach to insurance we have ever seen. He has taken the time to educate us on various degrees of risk and then offered a solution to reduce our risk at a lower cost. Better protection with a lower premium. Thanks Jerry!

Jeff and Becky Reed


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