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About Us

Jerry Brunson  
"Once you experience really great customer service, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. That's what I promise you."

Jerry Brunson

"Hi, my name's Jerry Brunson, and I'm a resident of the Brentwood / Franklin area.

The way I see it, when you buy insurance from me, you're actually buying a promise.

For one thing, I promise to always be available. I'll either answer the phone myself or get back with you by end of day. Not in the next day or two but today.

And if an emergency comes up-like a natural disaster-call me on my cell and I'll come through for you 24/7. You have my word.

What other kinds of customer service will you enjoy?

Mine is a local, one-agency business, which means I'm not out running around the state trying to drum up more income.

Instead, I stay right here so I can get truly get to know my customers, be available for them and learn how to give them better and better service.

For example, I give each customer an annual insurance review to make everything's sufficient and up to date. I'll also custom tailor policies around your actual needs. Nothing off-the-shelf.

Our office has four other licensed insurance agents who are trained in the same kind of customer service and care.

Jerry, I don't know how far back your records go but I first took out auto coverage in the late 1950's when I lived in Columbia, SC. We've been with your agency for both auto and homeowner' since we moved to Huntsville in 1965. I get letters from other companies nearly every week trying to get me to change. But why should I since everything has been good for us for all this time? Like you, I value long term relationships. And thanks for the card.

Zane Phillips
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I love serving this area because it's where I choose to live.

My office is centrally located near Interstate 65 right on the divide between Brentwood and Franklin, just a stone's throw from the CoolSprings Galleria. That means I can go serve people in any direction at a moment's notice.

I'd love the chance to earn your business.

I happen to be passionate about serving people, especially when they're my neighbors. And I believe in a craftsman's approach to doing my job-putting my own name on the work. After all, that's where the buck stops.

Why not get in touch? I'd love to get to know you and start working on your behalf. And once I start, I will keep working for you, too. To contact me, call 615-246-0101 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jerry Brunson


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Jerry Brunson Insurance Agency
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